Antonio Marras - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

Benedetta Barzini, the iconic model of the 60s and friend of Antonio Marras is the inspiration for the latest show from the Sardinian designer. The colour of her skin and her personality influenced the entire collection. In his usual style Antonio Marras likes to mix genres and influences. We also find a homage to Marie-Antoinette, with numerous arabesque designs and richly decorated fabrics like the brocades and jacquards. The silhouettes are enveloping and several embroideries enrich the clothes. The tapestry designs and rose petals adorn the riding coats and layered dresses. To note: the fur sandals, boots and trainers with wedges soles, as well as the fur leg warmers. Interview :Antonio Marras : It’s Benedetta Barzini, it’s an incredible woman, and it’s a friend of mine. She is really an extraordinary person, because she was a model, but above all a woman who is super intelligent. It’s a woman who crossed art and the contemporaneity. And I was really looking to take some elements like the pale pink of her skin and the grey and black hair and I started to create a palette of different colours to work on for the collection. We found the elements like the arabesques, the three dimensional fabrics on which we embroidered, we made constructions...And it’s a homage to Benedetta, but also to all the women who are not afraid of their age.I have volumes that are maybe above all a bit rigid, a bit boxy, but there is a different solution because I worked with embossed velvet, devore velvet and I created these very fluid silhouettes, very different from what we usually do.Music from the show

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