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Philipp Plein- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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The show is always a rendez-vous of the collections by philipp plein. a huge 8 takes up the centre of the show space and the singer azealia banks sets the mood with live music. on the fashion side, the designer makes way for a collection with ultra luxurious streetwear connotations, with sweatshirts in mink, to t-shirts and jogging bottoms in python and crocodile. fur is everywhere, and even worn as an xxl back pack. a wardrobe with clean lines which wants to be urban, treated in black and white graphics. thrown on were trainers and boots, the allure is dynamic even by a long evening dress. swarovski rhinestones and metallic elements adorn the sides of trousers and a skirt. the leather trousers are worn ultra fitted on the legs. philipp plein wishes to create a fashion adapted to his era, not avant-gardism, not old fashioned, but for a young client, with a full wallet, because we are in a “sport couture” range of clothes! and here, the fashion is above all there to give out emotion and we had some with the models raising their arms, and looping-the-loop on the russian mountains! interview: philipp plein: i wanted to create something which is different and recognisable and different because you don’t want to appear to be like someone who wants to be someone else, you have to be yourself, this is a set which really fits with the collection, this is very important so that it has to be...it’s a stage for the collection and not for the brand, and the roller coaster is more an object - a piece of art. this time it’s very much reduced, a collection which was born on the street, because i got most of the inspiration from the street by looking at the people from the street, because this is where the trends are born nowadays, they are born on the street, you have to look at the young girls how they’re dressed, how they mix – you know how they mix things together, and this gives you a lot of inspiration, and from there i started, and this is why i called this collection “street-style couture”. music from the show