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Prabal Gurung -Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

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From the first model, this white powdered dress in silk crepe with lace and embroidery, with plunging necklines and worn over a loose grey duffle-coat, parbal gurung captivates his audience. this new sensuality is want the designer wanted for all of his collection. the delicate evening gowns followed one after the other, worked with finesse, playing with effects of transparency and hand embroidery with sequins and swarovski crystals. a certain purity exuded from the show, reinforced by the choice of colours like these white pieces inspired from alabaster, seen on the adirondack mounts where prabal gurung found his inspiration. last but not least, their offering of knitted jumpers and huge enveloping coats. even an addition of a black tuxedo with inserts of guipure lace. a very wearable wardrobe but incredibly feminine and glamourous. to note: the white cream dress worn by jamie bochert with its plonging v neckline on the back. interview: prabal gurung: the sensuality comes with ease and comfort you know and whether it’s the cut of the dress that’s is slightly away from the body or being comfortable in your own skin at every age, that’s why i wanted to put all these models at a different ages on the runway and it’s about comfort basically, as i said, whether it’s in your skin, with the cut, with the fabric, and i wanted it to be sensual rather than obvious sexy and i wanted it to be subtly alluring and i wanted it to be glamorous. the whole idea started with my trip to the adirondacks up there and what i really loved were the textures and the subtle colour palettes there and what i really saw people wearing were fairisle print sweaters, and i wanted to take that and to deconstruct it so all the patterns whether it’s in the fur, in the knit, in the guipure lace, or the ? tulle, you know the evening pieces, the motifs are all deconstructed fairisle, so i wanted to take something a little bit americana and give it a sensual glamorous edge. music from the show