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Altuzarra Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

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36 looks to evoke the sense of femininity at altuzarra.the creator starts always by working with precise inspirations, such as old photos and heroines of days gone by, to construct a modern collection. blouse collars are slightly transparent, skirts mostly knee-length and split to the thigh. a camel trouser-suit reminds us of the detail and precision at altuzarra throughout working on the materials such as jacquard, wool or flannel. one can’t forget the tibetan motifs printed on fluid dresses which close the collection. to note: altuzarra launches their first bag range.interview : joseph altuzarra« rené did it first », this phrase seen on the sweatshirts during the show perfectly summarizes lacoste’s latest collection unveiled in new york. felipe oliveira baptista pays homage to the brand’s founder, rené lacoste, who knew how to perfectly integrate urban clothing into sport and vice-versa. city tracksuits worn with a coat could equally be worn without the sleeves, making it a waterproof reversible or a nylon trench coat. the iconic headband is seen on woolen dresses and pleated skirts – a reminder of the outfits worn on the tennis courts – and coordinates with brightly coloured polos and sweaters. the collection nods to the seventies spirit of wes anderson’s film “the royal tenenbaums”, sticking to the happy vibes evoked by the creator throughout this wardrobe. to note: the red tracksuit and matching sweatband worn by a ben stiller doppelganger during the show. music from the show