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Fendi - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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At fendi, the clothes were worth being seen up close, the inside being just as beautiful as the exterior. silvia fendi favours the most luxurious materials and finishes. certain leather and fur jackets are even reversible. the designer works around stripes: they become graphic, they are treated with different fabrics in trick of the eye effects. the corduroy takes on several aspects, in felt for a suit, and in leather for a trench. we were wrapped in long scarves woven into stripes, and warmed up with a fur hemmed jumper. the silhouette is soft, comfortable, with straight lights and rounded shoulders. the jackets and trousers are constructed by fabric patchwork and with contrasting colours. to note: the trainers and robust shoes in crocodile. the man wears a backpack with a pocket for his leather football. a hooded jacket takes on the famous monster design composed of different kinds of skin. the work of a real artist! a collection which reinterprets the masculine codes with elegance and with a know-how undeniably fendi! interview : silvia venturini fendi : it’s corduroy, which gave me the desire to reinterpret it for fendi, and so it is printed on the leather, on the shearling, and the stripes on the corduroy made me want to work on horizontal and vertical lines. it’s also a collection with very organic colours.all the boys have accessories with holdalls in which they put a football to play in the park. for each collection i decide to highlight with an object, and this time it’s an apple made in shearling which for me represents the break time. you have to take your time, even if we are in a rush, we have to connect ourselves with nature. pietro beccari : i think that fendi himself has a classic elegance, super luxe materials, but also an irony which pushes us not to be too serious and make things which are playful and nice.music from the show