Iris van Herpen- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

On the roof tops of Beaubourg, the Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen brings to life the sculptural works inspired by nature and more specifically magnetic forces. The volumes are created by laser cut plastic materials like origami on tight fitting dresses. The shoes, like a fusion of metal, make a surprising appearance and complete the outfits. The dresses are like chainmail in PVC mesh. The collection clearly shows strength and lots of poetry in volume, with the transparency and the black tulle outlining the figures. A short structured dress in crystals closes this show by the artist.Interview Iris van Herpen: It’s a mix this time I was inspired by magnetic motion so on one hand I try to visualise the very scientific side of magnetic fields, I visited CERN and I learned a lot from that process, but I also try to visualise the very natural process of magnetism, so in the accessories you can see the more chaotic side of the magnetic fields and we put a two component rubber with metal powder inside, we put a magnet under it and the shoes are grown.Music from the show

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