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Paul & Joe- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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At paul & joe, one could easily see themselves wearing all the looks that showed on the catwalk. it is a joyous and fresh wardrobe, with a summer feel and the innocence of the 70s. featured were psychedelic designs, high waisted trousers flaring from the knee, short cropped jackets, scarfs tied around the neck, wide brimmed hats, and short printed shirts composing of the perfect print for a summer season. all the essentials of a wardrobe are there, from shorts to tunic dresses, sophie albou addresses women with desire fulfilling all of their wishes from the very start of the 20 years of the label. interview sophie albou : it’s the twentieth anniversary, so i really wanted to have a summer with the joy of life, lightness, transparency with the chiffon, prints, colours, small flowers, large flowers, and it’s a little bit of the value of the brand since the beginning and even more for next summer, and even more laughter/smiling, even more lightness, and even more joy of life. in the seventies, i was born, but it’s an era that inspires me hapiness, the hapiness of childhood, a little childhood and that came from my parents, and today everything is so fast, and all of it is learned and one appreciates it even more so i wanted you to be able to wear it, to offer you a really optimistic and joyous show, which one could really imagine wearing this wardrobe next summer. i can be very classic in my tastes, but i can be very crazy, it’s very surprising, so i can be inspired by japan, with big flowers or little flowers in stripes, the stripes were a little bit masculine and all of that came from a long time ago, the memories from when i was younger, it’s not a coincidence.