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Stella McCartney - Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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Stella mccartney like she usually does took us back under the gilded opéra garnier in paris. there is always an enchanting atmosphere and for the new summer collection it was created with fluidity and movement. the volumes were looser, with wide legged trousers, culottes, tunics and flared dresses…the materials were light like silk, twill and cotton, linen was used lightly and in soft tones, the knitwear that stella loves to work with is washed, woven, dyed and take different aspects right up to resembling denim. the coloured prints and embroidery were hand-made and attached to the evening dresses, once again the dresses are very light, poetic and ethereal, and we want to wear them straight away. interview: stella mccartney: for me the approach that i started with was definitely one of movement of softness and warmth and a fragility that only women have, you know, and to really celebrate that. to champion almost the strength in being a woman, so it was the softness that was coming out in the collection. we had denim on the runway in a more traditional sense but it was organic, and it was embroidered and it was very lifted for the runway, then we had the denim indigo knits as well, and i think there was a lot of knitwear on the show, just because it felt like the right time to play with those textures and to also celebrate the ease of the knit and also in a summer season because it’s unexpected, and we wanted to have it very present. salma hayek: i thought it was amazing! very sexy but easy and cool at the same time, you can see in her collection that she understands what it means to be a woman today. music from the show.