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Viktor & Rolf - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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A new presentation for the viktor & rolf boys who chose to show their collection accented with sportswear, under the gilded decoration of the ambassador’s residence of the netherlands in paris. a research into very light, and hemstitched materials, worked through floral prints or on all white outfits. the pleats and frills give exaggerated volume to the flower girls with stylized hair. interview: viktor horsting: we really wanted something intimate and small, a different feeling for ready to wear, much more couture like.rolf snoeren: the tops are either very tight, or free form in abstract shapes basically, and we created these shapes by the use of elastic, and the elastic becomes decorative. usually elastic is made to make something tight, but here it’s used as a decorative element, to make something almost look like an abstract ruffle. coco rocha: i used to do the shows, a few…10 years ago, and i remember always thinking how they always wanted to have a message at the end of the runway, with their clothes, but there was always something they were trying to make a statement about, through their clothes, so it’s nice to see them evolve into older designers, more mature designers.music from the show.