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Philipp Plein- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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More than a just show, the philipp plein catwalk was a true spectacle with the incredible mise-en-scene seen at the last show of the day. the collection inspired by the depths of the sea was full of motifs, volume and colour. short, flared dresses and long sequined gowns, accessorized with high heels or paired with trainers, were all extremely feminine. embroidery covered the looks as well as gold studs on the biker jackets and short jackets. shorts in leather with elasticated waists worn with a stripey, cropped mesh jumper and a corolla skirt were just some of the pieces on offer. the show ended with white dresses with aquatic creatures projected onto them s bringing a poetic close the phillip plein show. interview:philipp pleim: the scene of the show is the underwater world, during the men’s fashion show you saw the world on the water, and tonight we’re going to dive into the water. this was also the inspiration of the show, when you go diving (scuba diving) you see a lot of beautiful things under the water, there are a lot of things happening , you have the reefs with all the beautiful colours and fish and coral, and then when you go deeper and deeper into the sea it becomes darker, the light is becoming less, it’s becoming mysterious and kind of dangerous and exciting.everything here is custom-made, nothing did exist before, even the pictures when you see the projection of the underwater world – this was created in a studio in london for two months people were working on it, every fish, every flower, every reef, every coral was created in a studio to match the collection.the dna of philipp plein is a strong dna, we have a lot of beautiful accessories and details because the product lifts with detail, i cannot reinvent the jacket but i can reinvent the applications and the way we combine and compose it and put it together and this is strongly part of the dna of philipp plein and… it makes the product special and unique. music from the show.