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Issey Miyake Men - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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There is an exotic journey in issey miyake’s menswear. the man created by yusuke takahashi is sexier than ever for next summer. dressed in bermuda shorts or cropped pleated trousers, in a skin jacket, accessorized with a bag, an ipad pouch and a big scarf, the new adventurer dares to wear printed fruit, like a reminder of the new fibers used to make the clothes. from the jungle and the sea, we go on to the depths of the ocean, with printed photos of animals that come from claire nouvain’s book ‘abysses.’ the tones around the blue become deep, for an even greater effect of elegance on the clothing, which brings the show to a close. a journey to the sun, between sea and jungleinterviews:yusuke takahashi:basically, issey miyake men is always quick to create new fabrics, so this time we decided to make a new tropical textile to define the new shirt, and the arrogant dandys in issey miyake men. i just found a book called ‘abysses’ in tokyo and i was surprised when i saw it because this deep sea creature is very strong and has a beautiful shape and colours. i didn’t do anything more, i just put it on the shirts. nature is very beautiful.claire nouvain:a union between the aesthetic of living, of our planet, and the emotion that this generates for a designer, which gives us a great platform to show the diversity of the things that live in very deep waters, far from the beach, and to talk about their vulnerability. it helps us enormously that a designer and a brand are showing the beauty and the fragility of this ecosystem, it’s extremely diverse. this is going to be really useful for us. music from the show