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Vivienne Westwood - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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At vivienne westwood, collections are always a pretext to an important message or the defense of a cause. this season, the designer duo condemns the fate of pigs and farming conditions, supported by the tracy worcester documentary. so it is no surprise to find messages written on t-shirts. numerous prints mixed together are added to the collection and knitwear is important, rendered so thin that it is almost transparent. of course, the sartorial suit is very present, but with unstructured jackets and trousers rolled up over the calves. this wardrobe is easy to wear and informal; a jacket is slung carelessly over one shoulder, teamed with a straw top hat. the show ends with a more youthful, underground look, composed of leggings, soft fringed tees and baggy bermudas, in mismatched colours and prints.interview:vivienne westwood:we are backstage in milan and what we focused on this time is this idea of cruelty to animals in factory farming and particularly pigs because i have got a wonderful friend who did an undercover investigation and a film about the horrors of factory farming.andreas kronthaler:it is very summery, very colourful, very cheeky and even a bit aggressive, i would call it. there are loads of prints and they are very strangely put together, mix and matched but very careless and a bit cruel.i like when you can do this in the summer. i think it is the best because you can really pack things into your luggage.music from the show