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Philipp Plein - Men Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

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Inspired by the underwater world, this philipp plein collection focuses on just that. at the end of the first day of milan fashion week, the show takes shape around an enormous outdoor swimming pool right in the city centre. as a prelude to the collection, guests were treated to an unexpected synchronised swimming display and a performance by theophilus london on a jet ski! on the fashion side, the designer extols a wearable masculine wardrobe that aligns comfort and style. suits are tailored and embellished by insignia from head to foot. the newcomers this season are block-colour suits in blue, red and white. blazers and bomber-jackets are adorned with prints inspired by the seabed and aquatic wildlife, like sharks, this season’s animal icon. denim also makes a statement, but in a ripped style on super skinny pants. the show ends as it began, with a display by two james bond doubles in tuxedos, straddling jet skis and pulling off a series of aquatic stunts! above all else, fashion is a chance to party! interview:philipp plein:i try to surprise people and this is what really expresses the brand for the client; it is a surprise. and fashion is something that is always changing, it has to make us happy and fashion needs some changes because if i always do the same t-shirt, the same dress or the same jacket, he will stop buying it after a while because he wants something new. so, my job is to sell dreams and emotions because this is what fashion is all about.the inspiration for the show was the underwater world and a lot of things can happen underwater; romantic things but also dangerous things, like a shark is a dangerous animal that lives underwater but also a beautiful animal but it is a happy, laughing shark which we put on the invitation. this was the inspiration of the show and the collection.you have the neoprene diving suits when you go in the water and a lot of technical fabrics are part of the collection but i also have a mix because not everything happens under the water, there is also a lot going on above water, so we also have blue and white and the red and white look and it is a men’s fashion world and i like to design for the people and not for the show. there are a lot of designers who do a collection that only goes out at the show, but you cannot find it in the shops. so, whatever you see tonight on this catwalk, you will also find it later in the shop and this is very important for me; it is fashion that you can wear. music from the show