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Fashion Phenomenon: The Colourists’ Bar

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Following the success of the chignon bar, celebrated hairstylist christophe-nicolas biot develops the concept of the colourists’ bar. the idea: be advised in your choice of hair colour and be able to return home with genuine professional products. a world first conceived in paris.le bar des coloristes – village royal – 75008 paris. interview:christophe-nicolas biot:the concept behind the bar des coloristes came about in both a simple and considered way; in particular, i closely observed many customers and clients and their behaviour and i realised that in fact more than 80% of women who dye their hair do it themselves at home.the idea is to offer young women a chance to come and put forward their problems to the head colourist behind the bar who can instantly diagnose a client like a pharmacist, so within 15 minutes, she has both a diagnosis for her hair and the state of its colour, an over-the-counter prescription and products, all for 25 euros.the modern woman can truly have her hair colour and not just the same as her neighbour or a girlfriend but her own shade according to her skin, according to her eyes, according to the season, according to her attitude or her job. and so there are lots of things today that allow the complete individualisation of colour.this year, we have been talking about ‘bronde’ which is essentially a mixture of brown and blonde but with a legitimacy and a force of brown that is slightly stronger than the blonde, sort of opposite to tie-dye, and so with ‘bronde’ you have both brown and warm shades from midway down to the tips, which are less strong or aggressive as tie-dye. colouring has clearly evolved over time and it is now surfing the fashion wave.music free of right/bandit&nikit 2012