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Stella McCartney - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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It has become a paris fashion week tradition for the second week to begin with the stella mccartney show, who always warmly invites us into the salons of opéra garnier. on the catwalk, next winter’s silhouette takes on a new dimension: modern, sharp, feminine…and this emerges on the designer’s signature suits which she adorns with zips and metallic threads tracing waves and flowers all over the clothes, from the coats to bags, the show becoming dominated by embroidery and handmade cords…the look appears even more urban with the addition of stirrup trousers and double wedge derbys. cosy knitwear envelops and twists around the body, tie-dye becoming chic on silk, and slung multicoloured fringes draping off rounded dresses, for a new , totally sensual body movement …interview:stella mccartney:we wanted to have embellishment but we wanted to have it in a way that you would still wear it and for it to really reflect the energy and the mood of where i am coming from so it had a lot of scribbles and hand movement and it also used things that you would never usually embroider with like zips and mountaineering ropes and things like that.winter is the perfect time to layer and to have that freedom of feeling like you can really create some depth within the looks so there were a lot of parkas but very light weight, all of the outerwear had a lot of air because we didn’t want to go super heavy so there was this idea of movement throughout the collection.i wear a lot of knitwear, it is a big part of my everyday life and in the collection we wanted to be honest about that and also to bring it in a new way so to layer it on each other and have this idea that you were really being taken care of by the knitwear you wear.we wanted to take the idea of fringe and movement into a slightly more masculine and sporty place because that has connotations of being quite seen in fashion and we have done it before so we wanted to make it heavier and bring in more cord work.music from the fashion show