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Antonio Marras - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Milan (with itw)

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Beneath a full moon, a wolf escapes from snowy woods and invades the latest collection by sardinian designer, antonio marras. a savage creature that marked his childhood and that today serves as symbol and theme of his winter wardrobe. the runway is dominated by a mix and match of luxurious materials, colours, floral patterns, lace, pleats and pearl embroidery whilst jet black enhances each piece of a collection brimming with contrasts. pinstriped masculine suits and baggy, ankle length trousers are energized by bands of graphic colours. printed kimono dresses with 3/4 length sleeves appear next and take us on a voyage between east and west. we surrender to the magic and poetry. interview:antonio marras:it was all about the voyages and the dialogues between the wolf, the moon and this woman. i thought of her as a very strong woman, like the swiss intellectual annemarie schwarzenbach. and i clearly imagined her journey when she left switzerland and arrived in asia. there was a meeting of different culture and completely different ways of thinking, so all of these contrasts and unexpected things and this changed the silhouette and the general attitude. we created lots of things with prints, embroidering them with small wolves. the wolf is the overall theme in this collection. there are also lots of contrasts.during the show, we saw a change in this woman and at the end, there was an explosion of embroidery with pieces of lace embroidered onto tulle, the transparency and contrasting with the furs that were all mixed together. these are all different pieces of fur. we also have very strong fabrics, to create very diverse silhouettes and to contrast with the shoes.these clothes are very urban but sophisticated and wearable at the same time. because the lines are so clean-cut, we have simple silhouettes. as for the embroidery and knitwear, these pieces were handmade, but these things are still very easy to wear.music from the fashion show