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DSquared2 - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Milan (with interview)

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The bad boy confined to a madhouse, created by the dsquared2 twins, is condemned to walk with his straitjacket on the catwalk. welcome to prison, albeit very stylish, where denim rules. baggy jeans are turned-up at the ankle, teamed with a bright orange quilted coat or worn beneath a tight-fitting suit jacket. leather, another dsquared2 trademark material, has structure. this asylum setting turns clothes inside-out such as a cinched denim jacket or jeans worn the wrong way round. for the evening, burgundy silk blends with black and white for a block-colour overcoat worn over red trousers. denim mixes with fine materials including cashmere. white shirts are printed with id numbers. but behind the bars, the dsquared2 man remains wildly classy, smoothly interspersing urban items with more classic pieces.interview:anna dello russo:crazy, crazy, totally crazy for fashion but we want to make them mad for fashion because that is our mission.dean & dan caten:a crazy mood and just crazy for fashion. that is a good way of saying it: crazily insane for fashion and that is what we are trying to do. this is a great institute for great inspiration.it is in the colours and the themes and the people and the characters; there is so much that we can come up with. what we love to do is to have lots of people and where it’s not just one type of person in here. you have the lawyers come by and as designers it gives us a situation to project more than just one character.normally, we put a denim thing with a classic thing. this season, we have done denim on denim on denim; we do a whole indigo moment where it is blue on blue and then we put some teddy-bear coating and there is that whole blue moment, right down to the shoes and the hat. it’s very cute.music from the show