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Paul & Joe Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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Paul & joe personify the ultimate parisian woman, forever chic in any circumstance with a little hint of something that you might call charm. the designer knows to create emphasis with easy pieces in broderie anglaise, in lace, in embroidered silk and in guipire sewn all over, occasionally in stripes. comfort comes in the form of hybrid trousers, half cargo-pants, half straight-leg, boxy trousers, pinstriped shirts and blazers made in chambray with a touch of freshness that inundates this summer wardrobe. even with a sweater embroidered in liberty that bears the label’s name, the paul & joe girl holds onto her wild look. sophie albou mechaly envisages the must-have summer wardrobe, including a one-piece swimming costume with a long embroidered negligee which maintains a chic look whilst by the poolside. interview: sophie albou mechaly: it’s the summer, it’s happiness, it’s the sea, it’s the sun, holidays, friends, relaxation and enjoyment. prints are the essence of the label. i started my line eighteen years ago with that desire to return to the idea of prints, to this very floral side, this cashmere, to mix these prints, to mix these fabrics and to design astonishing and unexpected silhouettes that are still very wearable. if women want to please their husbands or future husbands, they have to be beautiful and feminine because men like feminine women, they like women who smile and are well dressed and they like real women. this season, there are lots of trousers which are worn on the hips and pyjama trousers so we have a mix of pyjama trousers and those used in martial arts. this side combined with the size of the trousers is practical because if you have something to eat you won’t feel suffocated wearing them. there is a touch of patchwork mixed in with these prints on these ankle length trousers. there are floaty little dresses, skirts that twirl and plenty of flats too because i find they are very pretty and it is more becoming and more fresh to wear conservative clothes because eccentricity can be slightly too strong, and flats give an outfit a slightly more relaxed and holiday feeling. it is more comfortable to wear flats when speaking to men even if you love high heels. music from the show