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Vanessa Bruno Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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At the vanessa bruno show, we encounter a sunny and dynamic style which yearns to highlight the body. a dungaree dress, low cut at the side, gives a glimpse of a cropped top which reflects the relaxed, summery attitude of the silhouette. short, pleated skirts are teamed with printed shirts and blouses. figurative and innocent designs make up the graphic palette of this vibrant and easy-to-wear wardrobe. biker jackets are colourful and adorned with printed linings. slim line, suede trousers are laced at the side and a tiny baby-doll dress is worn like a second skin. vanessa bruno has the elegance to devise a style for girls today which is perfect for the young generation of actresses sitting in the front row. interview: vanessa bruno: it’s very sunny and it’s extremely dynamic; we have a girl, who is extremely energetic and takes on the colours and the prints, a girl who accepts these entirely printed looks which have a structured and minimalist side even if there is a body-conscious aspect, which is a new idea that i wanted to highlight. there is definitely an energy which reminds me a little bit of girls at the end of the 90s, but it has been updated for girls in 2013. i incorporated a little bit of corinne day, these girls photographed on the beach and the surfers. there is the spirit of pleated skirts from last winter that i have revised so you can glimpse the codes of the fashion house; shirts, blouses and tiny biker jackets that are produced in all these quite dynamic colours. i think that there is a slight rebellious schoolgirl side also. music from the show