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Moncler Glasses featuring Pharrell Williams in Paris

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At the opening of their new flagship store in paris, moncler creates an event around the presence of pharrell williams and make the most of re-editing their label’s first collaboration with the singer with, with styled and coloured puffa jackets. moncler takes the chance to show off their first glasses range including several models designed by the star, presented for the first time in paris during the city’s fashion week. interview : pharrell williams : i’m not the only one who feels that fashion is important, everybody does. the football coach, he wears his coach jacket because it’s functional, it means something to him. the pilot, he wears his jumper because that’s important to him and it’s for the functionality of his job so for me, when i see all these different archetypes out in public, i am always watching for the things that are striking and that’s what i wear and i often emulate and get inspired from everyday people. they are super open-minded; they could have done this with anybody, they work with thom browne so they could say ‘no’ but they said ‘yes’ and i am super excited. it’s a re-edition, it’s in blue, red and yellow and it’s pseudo so it’s not really ‘pow-pow’, it’s just a silhouette. music from the show