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Antonio Berardi Spring Summer Collection 2014 in London

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As antonio berardi’s runway show takes place uncharacteristically early for the world of fashion (at 9 o’clock in the morning), it has to be constantly shifting. the italian designer works his slender silhouettes season after season with the same wish for perfection in the cuts, fabrics and detail. every aspect is controlled and studied to such an extent that each piece is as beautifully made on the inside as it is on the outside. an animalistic theme rules supreme with smocked sweatshirts made to look like snakeskin, produced in a more urban way, with many original spacious tops and suit trousers. evening dresses are embroidered with stones and touches of red, appearing very modern due to some playing with the length and concluding the show beautifully. antonio berardi: for me, and when i have been to shows, it’s the idea that you are looking up and there’s something really beautiful about that. everything then is made for real women but when we do the show it feels magical. things were transparent but then there were bodies underneath so it’s sort of there were almost dresses underneath those things but it was nice that it felt light and summery. lots of the fabrics were couture fabrics so they were expensive but we tried to do something light and easy with them. it maybe showed my animal side but i liked it because it’s something i have never really done before so it was fresh for me and i think it’s interesting because all the animals were interesting textures; they were flock and they were mirror and they were beaded but 3d and then we did shadow work with the chiffon and then we re-embroidered with leather so when you get close to it there is a lot of work there. music from the show