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Altuzarra Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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With a new collection for spring-summer 2014, the women’s range at joseph altuzarra asserts itself. the collection plays comfortably with masculine side, taking over certain codes (the pinstripes, the naval tones, the shirt and the smoking jacket) that are easily twisted to achieve a more sensual look. the dress splits to the top of the thigh, the jacket is broken up as if it should be in tatters. this is because, at altuzarra, it is all about the adding of fringes, ribbons, lace, even the embroidery of jewellery. everything makes sense and at the same time everything seems to break free from the female body. that is until the gold or silver lands on some evening attire. joseph altuzarra: there is this idea that tailoring is forever present in the development of the collection for altuzarra, an idea of tailoring that is done in a different way. i think that with the shirt, i was interested by the concept of making something that was masculine but by means that it appeared completely new and modern but also super easy. i think that there is also an attitude in altuzarra which is quite important. this season, of course, it was all about the lace, the fringe and there was a sort of idea of lightness too and to uncover with the dresses which could be closed but also relaxed, which open to the thigh, a jacket which could be done up but it is undone and i think there is something quite graceful in the way that a jacket or a dress can appear slightly unlaced, in a slightly uncovered way. music from the fashion show