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Design, Art and Fashion for Fendi

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Sharon stone made a special trip for the occasion. fendi has finally come to avenue montaigne in paris, to celebrate with a cocktail party their new setting where design, art and fashion cohabit. the italian brand takes this opening to highlight, through a book and a photography exhibition by karl lagerfeld, their patron for the renovation of the trevi fountain in rome. a donation amounting to 1.8 million euros. interview: sharon stone: fendi is chic chic! silvia venturini fendi: i dreamed of having such a beautiful boutique on avenue montaigne like this, we could say that it’s a private house. delfina delettrez: it’s a very big, long path to get there and it’s super to be here and i know that there a lot of beautifully designed pieces inside. also, i love this relationship between fendi and art, it’s always something very present. chiara mastroianni: for me, above all it’s something that has linked to a childhood memory because of the women that i met, the family and fendi’s sister when i was younger, so for me fendi has always had this human aspect and after it’s the luxury, but it’s also very touching, and they’re not the only ones to do it, but in any case, they have invested a lot of money into restoring the trevi fountain. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012