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Julien Fournié - Autumn Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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Invited to the galerie artcurial on the champs elysées to present his haute couture collection, julien fournié the young couturier who has only been in the inner circle for ten years, refers this season to gustav klimt, to the richness of his colours and to the longline silhouette of modigliani. a more mature, feminine and very visual collection accentuated by spectacular hairstyles and graphic make-up, with a gimmick that we can find each season: the zip, the true signature of the designer. interview : julien fournié it’s a very feminine collection; much more for the woman. before, i worked a lot for young women, i have very, very young clients, but there is a moment when you have to know when to reach maturity, so it’s a collection with two main watchwords; a modigliani-style silhouette, an obsession to lengthen the body and klimt-style colours. i wanted to open a box of chocolates; i wanted everything to be soft and cute. so, i’m using again my big collars and all this work of froth and ruffled shirt fronts, but this time more winged. i had wanted to work in this universe of female mythical creatures, you know these women that are a bit like a mix of meduses and sphinxs that can almost fly away like goddesses, and with golden browns and bronzes, there is a lot less shine than usual. it’s a lot more kept; i think that perhaps i wanted less bling. well, i worked a lot with ornamentation, from lunas, which isn’t sequins, but rather the application of bakelite plastic, so everything has this old-fashioned shine, also with leather, that of lauausseau who is the last classic french tannery, creating leather like a long time ago, and i worked with bettenfeld-rosenblum to make fine gold ornamentation. music from the fashion show