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Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

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This season, vivienne westwood puts the focus on india in all its diversity and its social castes. as with each english designer’s show, the spring / summer 2014 is not immune to political and environmental messages she wants to convey, she doesn’t hesitate to display her beliefs about herself. podium side, the focus is on lightweight materials such as madras, whilst transparent with shimmering prints, mixed with a military mind. turbans or berets are worn by the westwood man, strolling with nonchalance and elegance, even with a very oriental exuberance. vivienne westwood : i said the line got to be more soft and more feminine. i don’t like tight things and little collars. they decided to do india because the first thing you notice in india is the richest people that ever lived – those rajas with their pearls and their turbans so that’s where they started. i've been to india for two days, once to a party with naomi and i don’t know india. i know nothing about it except, like many people, it’s the romantic impressions you have – but, i do know whats happening politically in india and the poor people in india have nowhere to go, except into the forest. the exploitation of the indian people is just shocking, but all poor people are exploited in this world. this is a soldier who exposed the war crimes. he’s a wonderful brave man and he was only 22 when he did this, hes been in jail for three years anyway, but hes a whistleblower and i think whistleblowers can help to save us and so hes very, very important music from fashion show