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Moncler Gamme Rouge - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris

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A trip to the north pole for moncler gamme rouge. every season, artistic director giambattista valli leads us into the world of moncler, through his imagination. three episodes compose this new story : a meeting with eskimos and their wolfdogs, the arrival of foreign explorers and lastly a love story between the heroines of a glacial beauty and polar bears. behind the scene are of course very couture anoraks, composed of patchworks of materials, like a blend between nylon and fur, or tweed with red checks mixed with black quilts. pictures of mountains appear on overcoats made up of crystals created like icy snow on garments. the result is sublime, with a final full of humor thrown in ! music from fashion show interview giambattista valli : at moncler, there's something that's joyful and something that travels, in fact it's always about travelling, for me a moncler jacket or coat is something that we take travelling with us. last time the theme concerned the sea, this time it's the opposite, it's the north pole. these are crystals, but i didn't use them as decorations but as materials, like something that is crystallized, it's frozen. in fact for the end, it's a love story between a snowflake and polar bear.