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Paul & Joe - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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The paul & joe woman adopts a parisian elegance and affirms her personality by playing with the masculine-feminine and day-night mix. she appropriates elements of the male wardrobe and constructs her look. the lightweight fabrics are mixed with winter materials. the cashmere print and the tie pattern, display both night and daywear for pyjama ensembles. the man's trousers flirt with baby-doll shirts, the sheepskin constructed with patchworks of colours are worn for a smooth texture or inside out for a more rustic effect. for the evening, jacquard is adorned with sequins and threads of gold lurex to form new floral patterns or to highlight the waist and the little evening skirts, scattered with sparkling swarovski crystals. music from fashion show interview sophie albou : i've always loved having this sensuality, of having the essential parts of a masculine wardrobe, such as the double-breasted jacket, the overcoat, cinched trousers, mixing this with much more sophisticated pieces with lace, very high heels, trousers that are too long which fall on the shoe, and i've always found it very sensual, and it's a bit like mr saint laurent's vision of the woman, at the time when he was working in true fashion, and in my collections we find this masculine-feminine side with all the codes i've referred to. i wanted a woolen skin a bit oversize, entirely reversible and patchworked, that we can wear for a sheep feel, or a more raw feel, like prehistoric cavemen, and the other side is smooth with all these patchworks, i thought this was good economically. for the evening, brocades, embroidery, stripes of swarovski and tailpieces, hand embroidered, which highlights the waist, and the stripes on the side of the trousers, inspired by the man's tuxedo pants. i draw a lot of attention to the cuts, on the fashion side which is not really pushed to the extreme, it's not too cartoonish and especially on the fabrics, my fabrics are chosen with a lot of care and i start my collection with the choice of fabrics.