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Viktor & Rolf - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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For this new collection, viktor horsting and rolf snoeren have decided to work on the bow, which they twist, tie, fold and crease until it becomes part of the garment, proposed for next winter in a short version for miniskirts, dresses and double breasted coats. the duo work in a couture spirit, wanting to constantly break the codes, choosing to stay in black and white. in addition to the bow, there's a look of worn or ripped jeans appearing on pantsuits, revealing in fact sophisticated embroideries realized on lace. as always, a precious and delicate wardrobe, but with a younger, rock side that still pleases us. music from fashion show interview viktor horsting and ralf snoeren : a chic rebel, so on the one hand there are the coats that we always work with, like bows, white shirts, tuxedos, black and white, and bows, and the bow is indeed a symbol of couture, in this collection it's very intricately incorporated into the garments, so it's folded and draped and becomes an inter-role part of the garment, so it becomes a sleeve, or a bow becomes a skirt, so it's a very organic and direct way of working. we wanted something more rebellious, still very chic but i think a rebellious woman needs more energy, so that's why we chose to do low heels, shorter skirts. it's a version of rock'n'roll because there were a lot of ripped jeans, but then they're not jeans, it's a tuxedo, it's all hand embroidered so it's a surreal interpretation of a ripped jean.