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Vanessa Bruno - Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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She's not the only designer this season inspired by the 60s but vanessa bruno brings her personal touch, for which she is both recognized and appreciated by her clients, combining a parisian spirit, both soft and sophisticated, to a wardrobe borrowed from menswear. men's jackets are rather long and reefer jackets are teamed with miniskirts, pinafore dresses are strung like t-shirts but have details of supple construction on the back and additions of embroidery, sequins or metallic carnations. tones remain neutral throughout the collection, consisting of black and white, gray and navy, supporting her purpose : to have several stylish essentials, in beautiful materials, which makes all the difference. music from fashion show interview vanessa bruno : just simply defining a parisian androgynous chic, which starts with suits and which is a setback to the 60s, because there's a return to the mini and it's true that i liked the idea of a man's jacket worn with miniskirts and after it becomes very minimalist but almost loose, but i don't like that word as it can have a rigorous connotation, here it's more in relation to this black, white, chic, gray and navy side, it's worn with dresses that have great necklines and pleats which float a little. there had to be a story, and at the same time a simple desire, which is evident in the silhouette, so a dress that we put on as a t-shirt dress, with a super mini side where the legs are on show, i really liked this idea.