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Antonio Berardi Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London (with itw)

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Architect oscar niemeyer inspires antonio berardi. the designer's very structured silhouettes make reference to the work of the brazilian architect. originally from sicily, antonio berardi likes to reveal and accentuate women's curves. the trouser suits lengthen, dresses possess transparency effects revealing even more sensuality. materials merge. trains take over eveningwear, as well embroidered stones. from season to season, each piece creates its effect, catching glimpses of the designer's immense talent. music from fashion show interview antonio berardi : to me being a designer, it starts with a jacket, i love tailoring, it's the most important thing to me, we can work with flou and whatever and it's one thing but to do something which is beautiful and has a shape and a form, is my passion. i come from a sicilian background, it's about curvy women and the female form, so even what we just did now, looking at niemeyer, it was about form, modernism and architecture which still considered the curve and the form, so it's less harsh and less brutal. it's still relevant today because it looks amazing when you see those buildings in brasilia, or in rio, they still look amazing but i think the interesting thing is that they're sensual as well. it was the idea that a certain panel might have been smaller windows and larger windows and graphic windows, and then maybe no windows, it was that idea of which parts do we give you an insight into, which parts are the sexy parts of the body that we want to address or talk about?