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Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London (with itw)

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For her red label line, vivienne westood leads us to the famous saatchi gallery in the heart of london. no less than 1000 guests for a short collection of 30 models, desired by the designer whose belief is "buy less, but good quality." so we find the basics like the twisted trouser suits, the draped dress or the little black dress, the twin-set or even the enveloping coat in autumn colours. a certain purity emerges from this collection where you can see all the talent that vivienne westwood has deployed for nearly 40 years. music from fashion show interview vivienne westwood : what we try to do is to give quality of design so that when you buy something from me it makes you look special and so what we always say is buy less, choose well, make it last and think about what you're going to buy and wear and try to keep it a long time. aluna george : the show was absolutely incredible, i didn't know what to expect next, everything was really different, i love the kind of sparkly nighttime glamour and then the really nice wearable daytime stuff and then the odd piece that was a nice gown, it was beautiful.