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Jeremy Scott Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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The jeremy scott show comes as a happening at the end of the new york fashion week. many fans, dressed eccentrically (in the designers' outfits) are photographed and seem amazed by each silhouette parading on the runway. jeremy scott continues with the same enthusiasm to produce fashion filled with imagination. for next winter, the monsters balls that accompanied his childhood, haunt the garments. the west coast remains his favorite inspiration. bras and tops are coordinated with short skirts or even short-panties. tracksuits and wind jackets take on new dimensions. a nod is given to the faithful collaborators such as adidas or longchamp in the collection. jeremy scott also has the gift to spread his energy and humour as everyone leaves the show with a smile on their face. music from fashion show interview jeremy scott : i was really just thinking about west coast skaters and surfer culture and heavy metal magazines and a teenage boys bedroom with all these drawings that he's making in third period when he's bored in class and he's just drawing instead of doing his homework and making this fantasy of a teenage boy's zombie lady come alive. checker boards are always something i love because there is also this kind of 50s, 80s feeling about it, like a classic diners. i wanted to make a different colour, doing the pink and yellow and of course the blue and black which is a classic and throw that in there, the prints are like monsters. the type of person i dress has such a bravado, they're performing on stage or they have the way of knowing how to mix these clothes that they could wear that themselves and they don't need me to explain it in a fashion show, i mean i can show a bra and a skirt and you could reinterpret it in a million ways. but for this cool girl that's going to a club and has this rock'n'roll attitude, she doesn't care, she's not taking shit off anyone so she's not an object to anyone but herself.