Viktor & Rolf - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (with itw)

Dutch duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren presented in a mineralogy gallery, a rebellious menswear wardrobe as they explained to us backstage. A silhouette that's nevertheless classic and quite graphic : slim trousers, fitted jackets, tone on tone printed shirts, with a granite-like and mottled material effect.

Music from the fashion show

Viktor Horsting : Our men's collection is young, cool, a slightly rebellious gentleman. So there is always the element of a wardrobe of a gentleman, but with a very cool and bit of a rebellious twist to it. We worked a lot with very graphic effects, we worked with an artist Piet Parra who makes very graphic illustrations that we use as prints, so we collaborated with him to make the wardrobe of this guy, at the same time traditional and gentlemanly but also cool and a bit rebellious.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren : Everything is black and white, and grays. The fabrics are very dry, very clean. We worked a lot with very textural fabrics so the touch is very important, the touch is very grainy and very dry all throughout the collection and there is also a quilted satin which is used for outerwear which is sort of an interesting mix of something that is glamorous and more evening in terms of feeling.

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