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Stella McCartney Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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First show of the morning. english designer stella mccartney invited guests to the opéra garnier for a show mixing masculine to feminine, while this season opposing graphics to transparency. shift dresses in two-tone micro pleats create the illusion of moving shadows. the comfort is also expressed through a sportswear feel for puffy jackets, with transparent sleeves. an optimistic colour palette where white opposes orange, green, or blue. the skin is subtly revealed through layers of organza silk dresses. femininity is exacerbated through the fluidity of printed trousers or a bustier dress. her sense of tailoring is expressed in generous volumes for shift dresses and jackets with large armholes associated with trousers shortened above the ankle. music from fashion show interview stella mccartney : it's a way of using fabric that is rarely used now, so it's nice to give it a new lease of life, and a modernity. but i think what's really interesting in this collection with it, is that it becomes the wearer, so it's yours. it moulds itself to you, it's very rare that you can find or create some kind of material that takes on a life of the wearer, so that was part of the intention there. that was very much a masculine and feminine conversation, so moments of quite strong silhouettes, quite direct and honest silhouettes and then within those you see the fragility and the layering and the transparency, so very much about bringing the two together. the intention was to really mix a lot of different greens, so to have bold and then more muted tones, to create a palette of greens. m.i.a. : i really did think that i was going to leave the show and rob some models, and take some home with me! especially the shoes, so i'm just trying to find them backstage.