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Maison Rabih Kayrouz Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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Barefoot in a path of fine sand, rabih rayrouz sets the scene and tone for his collection: summer and purity. suits are gathered and tied for large trousers or straight skirts. white shirts are worn as buttoned dresses, or short and sleeveless. fluidity is present through long vestal dresses draped on one shoulder. there is a chic element in this wardrobe dominated by shades of beige and a touch of lime green, with a real work on the cut. all the models wear a straw hat and walk nonchalantly on the runway, transformed as a true seaside. music from fashion show interview it's the summer time, it's the desire to go and leave everything, but we did not forget the jackets and the hats. it was this desire of the city, the sea, the east, the west, in my own way. i longed for this journey, of these women who travel and who have a wardrobe of city life, the sea, and who mix day wear, evening wear, silk, cotton, stiffness, the fineness, i nourish this contrast, i love it! i love shirt-dresses, it's my obsession, i love white shirts already and i think white shirts makes people look very elegant, and it's sort of fantasy of milan woman or women of the city. finally, i am very inspired by city women and i love the holiday attitude, so i mix between the two. i think there is a lot of chic with being barefoot, i don't like small heels, i like very high heels or barefoot. between the two it ruins the silhouette but there is a nice look when you are barefoot, and we feel that they are a lot more comfortable and a lot more beautiful.