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Vanessa Bruno- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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It's a return to a sensual and refined style at vanessa bruno, which on the runway of the grand palais, delivers a ready-to-wear wardrobe that makes us want to seize it immediately. the designer has a knack for creating an elegant wardrobe, without swank and fresh which embodies the parisian. english embroidery, lace and silk satin accentuate the idea of sweetness that emerges from this show. a softness supported by a colour palette ranging from nude, white and beige. also a lot of romance through a trouser suit made to have a `petit prince' look and a light long dress cut on the bias, worn easily with gladiator sandals. music from fashion show interview vanessa bruno : for me, it was a return back to refined sensuality. it is a true sketch in the silhouette of the jackets, that is something extreme, it's almost something sensual and clear, dresses that are cut in a slant, which are worn with gladiator sandals at the end of the show. but also a simple black suit that is worn with a little silhouette of `petit prince', but also worn with very open necklines. i wanted to return to a sort of refinement, bohemian chic and finally a very parisian side. ready-to-wear is something that makes you want to wear it straight away, right now, a girl that we see in the street and comes near you and you say `ah! look at that style, what a nice silhouette!' that is what i want to wear. i try to sublimate something every time, by saying i wear it, it is something that i will wear and maybe it's these close ties between the woman, i do not caricature them, i just try to make them beautiful.