Antonio Marras Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Milan (ITW)

To fully appreciate the collection of Antonio Marras, one must remember the Vivian Girls by illustrator Henry Darger. The Sardinian designer transposes the collages which were inspired in modernity. This Vivian Girls version summer 2013 mix deep italian with the kitsch of the English aristocracy in a patchwork of tweed, brocart and Fair Isle stitching, mixed with delicate embroideries. Innocent and bad girls at the same time, they do not hesitate to wear contrasts such as these corolla dresses in camouflaged fabrics or raw cotton jackets, the front strewn with Swarovski crystals. Innocence and freshness is also present in the choice of colours: pink and daffodil, printed dots and flowers or in the choice of silhouettes with small capes, boleros or shorts.

Music from fashion show

Antonio Marras :It is really the meeting between the great English aristocratic marriage and also the marriage of suburban Italian, of the province. But really, this is something that meets the English elegance and especially girls who usually dress in camouflage, with parkas, and the only day they dress up is for their wedding.
There are short dresses with skirts, there are overlaps with the jackets that have a kimono feel.There are particularly mixtures of materials and mixtures of parkas, mixtures of camouflage with super romantic dresses. We started with an artist named Henry Danger who is an American artist who throughout his life drew little girls, very hard and very strong. And I imagined this girl, who for the only time in her life gets dressed up for a wedding.

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