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Altuzarra Spring Summer Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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This is real work around the `tailoring' that we are shown by joseph altuzarra for his eponymous label with an obsession with the jacket! a summer jacket with sleeves being played around with, knotted skirt, decorated with ruffles, tassels, pompoms and gold! spanish is the inspiration behind a profusion of ruffles and embroidery ... music from fashion show joseph altuzarra : i had this idea to do a lot 'tailoring' for this collection but to do so in a summery way so we opened the sides up a bit, it can be worn almost like a cape, and i think there are some interesting sides, this is a new way to wear a jacket. we love the idea of seduction and the women's body, i think there was an interesting side because we didn't necessarily think to show the leg, or the thighs or to show the chest, it was just to show the arms, especially on styles that were quite covered, i think there was something very erotic and interesting. gold is very present, it was treated in a very masculine way with buckles and with parts that were very square. then we really evolved with embroidered pieces, and a very feminine side, but on matters which are not usually embroidered.