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Prabal Gurung Spring Summer Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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Fashionable designer, supported by a number of actresses in particular kate bosworth, present in the first row, prabal gurung's summer collection is viewed at pier 57, a disused warehouse on the waterfront. a wardrobe with a casual elegance, very fresh, with wearable trousers with an elastic waist falling on the ankle, printed t-shirts of a bird's wing covered with a transparent veil, dresses with ruffles threaded on even over trousers, tone on tone embroidery on jackets and voluminous skirts and additions of feathers to accentuate the idea of lightness that shines strongly in this fashion show. music from fashion show prabal gurung : the idea of freedom and idea of things started with the feather motifs and the kind of soaring, and so for me it was about creating a little bit of tension within something that looks really pretty and looks really soft, there is a little bit of undercurrent of tension there. it's like redefining the vocabulary that is always mine which is print, and playing around with that, and slightly getting softer, but the flowers, there were bleeding flowers and so i like the undercurrent of tension there. kate bosworth : i thought it was amazing! such a great production; the clothes- i felt like it started more as simple, then it exploded into colour and texture, it was really exciting.